Lucy's Blog - Tuesday 4th June

Hiya! Well, what a beautiful day it’s been! Hope you’ve had a good ‘un

So, today we’ve been chatting about what always makes you laugh! JK just looks at pictures of Monkeys in suits when he needs a chuckle, and at the moment, I’m highly amused by images of Birds with human arms. Maybe we both need to get out more. Hmm.
Of course, we just had to ask you – what’s always guaranteed to make you laugh?
Andy - What always makes me laugh without fail is hearing a baby laugh. Don't know why but I can't help laughing when they have a chuckle.
Kay - I laugh every time I make my boyfriend jump. I hide in the same cupboard and every time it gets him, but it’s his delayed reaction that makes me roll on the floor laughing.
Jonathan - People falling over and hurting themselves always makes me laugh, unless its me then its not funny and anyone laughing will get told to shut up, politely of course. :)
Emma - My girl friends always make me laugh, just back from a weekend away and tummy still aching from the laughing!
Darren - That smug feeling of using the last bit of toilet roll in a public loo knowing the ordeal the next person is facing....
Les - One thing guaranteed to make me laugh is watching my little girls face when after trying for ages she finally manages to do an armpit fart.. Shes 9 and the proud look of achievementon her face is priceless
Anna – It’s got to be How Animals Eat Their Food on YouTube. T Rex, rhino or whale - get me every time! Absolutely hysterical! Now with 68m views!
We’ll be back tomorrow afternoon from 4pm – fingers crossed for another sunny day!
See you then,
Lucy xxx