Lucy's Blog - Tuesday 5th of February

Hiya! Hope your week is going well so far! Now then, all this week on Heart, it’s Honesty week. So, on the show today, we talked about lies you tell your children, or the lies you were told as a child….

You came up with some corkers!
Debbie - My grandad told me that if i told lies, potatoes would grow out of my ears I was terrified!
Emily -  When I was younger my parents told me that every time I told a lie a puppy would die. Every time I told a lie I would cry for an hour.
I used to play with my belly button in the bath when I was small. My parents said if I did it too much, my bum would fall off!
And loads of you shared the same lie….it was THIS one…
Mary - I used to tell my children that when the ice cream van played its tune, it meant that it had run out of ice cream, so not to bother coming out!
We also talked about the new Diet Coke ad. You know the one with the hot Gardener? Yep. THAT one.
JK decided it’d be fun to recreate it, to prove that the average bloke can be just as sexy! with interesting results…. You can check it out the interesting results! Here are some of your thoughts on it..
Sindy - You can come and work in my shed jk....
Linda - Looks like a bit of a 'plank' to me!
Mark - If you put some wax on the saw , it cuts much easier jk
Kelly - If a man can make you laugh then he's a keeper
And this is by far my favourite comment….
Joe - Please let me know if you're doing any DIY anywhere near me so that I can keep to a safe distance.

Like France.
We’re back from 4 tomorrow, see you then! J
Lucy xxx