Lucy's Blog - Wednesday 10th April

Hiya! Hope you’ve had a wonderful Wednesday! So, on today’s show, we wanted to know – What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen at work?

Amy - I've seen a baby Octopus when I was a student working in Sainsburys!!
Carol - Some years back when I was working in a Gym I saw someone peddling on the upright bike and eating a McDonalds Big Mac at the same time . .
Mary – A giant paper mache tiger face, 5m by 3m, at my mums workplace behind a room of computers!
Alison - I work in a restaurant and there is a duck in the planter on the terrace laying eggs! Doesn't bat an eyelid at the customers!
Leanne - The weirdest thing I’ve seen in the workplace is a shed outside
Sara - Hi I'm a van driver, and when I was out today I saw a random Peacock at the side of the road! I thought that was strange!
And finally - this one HAS to be my favourite – just utterly, fantastically hilarious!
Shirley - I'm a Facepainter and I went to a job and the party person was actually a one year old cat. Brilliantly mad!
We’ll be back tomorrow, and we want to know, what little things bug you? (insert ‘JK’ here…)
See you tomorrow from 4pm!
Lucy x