Lucy's Blog - Wednesday 11th September

Hiya! So, on today’s show we were talking about the things your other half has done without your permission.

Maybe she ate your last Custard Cream when you weren’t looking then blamed the dog?
Perhaps he invited the in-laws, cousins, second cousins & Auntie Mabel over for Christmas. Then told you on Christmas Eve. When they knocked on the door.
Or did you deliberately neglect to tell your other half that you’d cancelled the all inclusive holiday because you couldn’t get the bikini you wanted…
Of course we asked for you for your stories….here’s our top 5….
What has your other half done without your permission?
Ruth - He ate all the cupcakes that I made, while I was out and coming back to decorate them!
Emma - My partner came home with a rescue dog, even though we already had one, and I had our son 7wks earlier!
Jeremy - My ex father in law changed his sons name, between leaving home and getting to the registry office, without telling his wife!
Bonnie - He booked a golf holiday without checking the dates with me, missed our 7th anniversary and his daughters first day at school, its today!!
Michelle - My boyfriend moved to Australia on a whim!

Tomorrow, we’re talking about dating, and getting naked…..separately!
See you from 4pm….
Lucy xxx