Lucy's Blog - Wednesday 12th June

Hiya! So, everyone was getting very excited here at Heart HQ today (especially the ladies), as it’s the European premiere of Man Of Steel, the latest Superman movie, in Leicester Square tonight.

Some fans had even camped out overnight to catch a glimpse of the movies stars Henry Cavill & Russell Crowe! This made us wonder about how far we’d go for something we loved?
So today on the show, we asked you to complete this sentence – ‘I’m such a big fan of ….. that I have….
Davinia: I'm such a big fan of nail polish & nail art that I have spent over £1000 on polishes, nail art plus accessories!
Karen: I'm such a big fan of Chocolate that we named our indoor rabbit "Chocolate" x
Steph: I'm such a big fan of Ann summers that I bought shares!
Sarah-Lou: I'm such a big fan of Benidorm's Jake Canuso that I have made him a video saying what I like about him most, for his birthday (was back in January!) He loved it, and I talk to him on Twitter!
Julie: I'm such a big fan of Fridge magnets I have hundreds of them!
Linda: I'm such a big fan of Robbie that I have a life-sized cardboard cut out of him in my Bedroom!
Cassie: I'm such a big fan of Kids that I have 5, hahaha!
We also made Karen & Stacie very happy today after they won tickets to Hearts Secret Stage with Michael Buble! Your next chance to win is with Jamie and Emma tomorrow morning. If you missed the latest anagram that you’ll need to unscramble to win, head to the Facebook page!
See you tomorrow from 4pm!
Lucy xxx