Lucy's Blog - Wednesday 13th of February

So, on todays show, we talked about the things that your other half does in the kitchen that really annoy you!

Now, as I’m single I don’t have this problem, but it used to really annoy me when my ex wouldn’t bother to do the washing up when I’d cooked! Nothing worse than congealed food stuck to pans & plates, aaaaargh!
JK’s girlfriend apparently has the annoying habit of using Eggs, then leaving the empty shells in the box, before putting it back in the fridge with the remaining Eggs! I secretly think it’s JK that does this, not his girlfriend, because she’s lovely!
Here’s some of your examples….as always, they’re brilliant!!
Andy - My wife and I have been together for 30 years. I have cooked Christmas dinners for 14 and left no mess. My wife can cook for 2 people, she uses virtually every utensil & pan in the kitchen, then expects me to do the washing up afterwards! It beggars belief.
Sara - Splashes Food all over the cooker and up the wall when cooking and doesn't clean the mess up!
Josh - What really gets me is I would start to cook and my partner will come in and take over even tho she would say "oh you can cook tonight"! I mean what’s that all about?
Lucy - I hate it when my partner cooks me a lovely dinner. Instead of washing the oven trays he put them back in the oven dirty but pretends to me he has washed them.
Mel - My ex used to leave crumbs in the margarine when buttering his toast, can't stand it!!! xx
Stavroulla - My hubby puts dirty dishes in sink instead of dishwasher and uses metal utensils in non stick pans and scratches the non stick.coating!!!!!
We’ll be back tomorrow with a conclusion to Producer Wills 2nd date/Valentines Day nightmare, and more of the usual randomness!
See you from 4!
Lucy xxx