Lucy's Blog - Wednesday 13th November

Hiya! So, on today’s show we were talking about the usual things you buy that suddenly become associated with Christmas and get made to look all festive, despite the fact they really aren’t!

This came about after I did the big shop (always do it on a Tuesday…) & couldn’t resist picking up a box of Mr Kiplings ‘Frosty Fancies’. Essentially they’re Fondant Fancies, but with white icing instead of Pink, Yellow or Brown! Very nice they are too.
So – we wanted to know – what random things have you seen that are suddenly associated with Christmas?
Julia - You were talking about Christmas pringles earlier what about date and cinnamon flavour ice cream. Made on Australian masterchef by Hedton Blumenthal. Hoping to make it at the weekend sounds yummy! X  
Debbie – Cinnamon Pringles!
Karen – Pasta shaped like Christmas Trees, Stars & Reindeers!
Vicky - Cadbury's 'Snow' cream chocolate or something. You know like the truffle stuff you get, but only this was white.
Joanna - Kenco Milicano coffee had a "Festive Edition"...its not different inside just got loads of dots to make it look like a snowflake on the outside of the packaging!
We’ll be back from 4pm tomorrow, see you then!
Lucy xxx