Lucy's - Blog Wednesday 17th April

Hello! Hope you’ve had a wonderful Wednesday! So, today, I was back on the show after a couple of days off with a nasty chest infection. Thankfully, the Docs have given me some antibiotics & an inhaler, so I should be right as rain in no time!

On today’s show, we talked about the random things you have in your hand bag or man bag. As always, you didn’t disappoint!
Christina - I always carry a small jar of marmite and a pepper mill!
Karen - In my bag I have an empty ink cartridge for a printer. It’s been in there for about 6 months .
I'm a photographer and when I do weddings I have all the usual photography kit but also wet wipes, tissues, headache tablets, plasters, tape, glue and mints.
Nicole - My handbag is like Mary Poppin's. You can pull out anything. Right now I have pulled out a bingo dabber, deck of cards, spoon and baby mittens!
Sonja - Torch and pritt stick.
Olivia - I have 5 sachets of tomato ketchup in my bag because I eat ketchup with EVERYTHING and sometimes I get embarrassed asking for it when in restaurants because of what I may be eating it with..
Lisa - I've got a pedometer.
Jodie – A Fortune Telling Fish is in my handbag!
Maddy - I have a small plastic Giraffe in my hand bag!
Hayley - I have a bouncy ball because I'm a teacher and if you literally have no resources you can always build a lesson around a ball!!
We’ll be back tomorrow from 4pm, see you then!
Lucy xxx