Lucy's Blog - Wednesday 17th July

Hiya! How’s your scorcher of a day been? Have you been enjoying the weather, or like JK, is it all a bit too much? He’s been complaining ALL DAY about how hot it is!

So on today’s show, we asked you to complete this sentence….
You know it’s too hot when….
Garry - When your bottle of ice cold water in the van turns like hot tea - but you still drink it.
Carole - You leave the convertible at home & take the sensible car with aircon.
Aussie Tim - You know it's too hot when, all you hear are Brits complaining about the heat instead of something else.
Alice - You know its too hot when every shop is sold out of fans!
Darren - When you’re 47 and get the Speedos out of the drawer. Happy times.
Kevin - It's too hot when my girlfriend strips off naked and walks around our flat!
Mark - You know its too hot when u have to spray Right Guard into your undies !!
Tom & Joe - You know it's too hot when your bum cheeks squeak as you walk.
We’ll be back tomorrow from 4pm, see you then!
Lucy xxx