Lucy's Blog - Wednesday 20th March

Hiya! So, we’re halfway through the week already, hurrah!

On today’s show, we talked about the similarities between being a Parent & a Rock Star – we came up with our own Top 10, and asked you to guess what you thought the similarities were! Of course, you didn’t let us down (you never do!), and even the one’s that weren’t on our Top 10 were brilliant suggestions!
Here’s what you thought…
Cheryl - Being a parent is like being a rock star as it’s a life on the road.
Maria – Being unable to hold an adult conversation!
Reiss - Being a rock star is like being a parent because you’re both always picking underwear off of the floor!!
Christi - Because you can not remember the last time you had 8 hours sleep.
Anna - Being a parent is like being a rock star because: someone is always screaming your name; there's always someone who wants a piece of you; there's no rest for the wicked, it's all go; life is one big party (a children's party but a party never the less!)
Claire - Being a parent is like being a rockstar because you always have someone throwing their knickers at you! For example, when potty training and they don't want to wear them!
For the full top 10 reasons of ‘Why being a Parent is like being a Rockstar’, head to the Heart London Facebook page!
We’ll be back from 4pm tomorrow!
See you then,
Lucy xxx