Lucy's Blog - Wednesday 22nd May

Hiya! So today, we were talking about ladies who have a toolbox!

This was after Aussie Nige caught sight of mine, and well, found it utterly hilarious. I have to admit, it’s a bit of a pathetic effort. Set inside a basket that once had flowers in, my toolbox contains a tape measure (a very pretty V&A one at that!), some loose screws, a screwdriver, a pair of scissors & something that I don’t recognise, but I’m pretty sure is a tool! So we asked you if you have a toolbox too! Some of the results were very impressive – check out the photos on the Heart London Facebook page!
Here’s what’s in yours…
Lyshi - My husband is a DIY fanatic and a nightmare to live with as he takes ages to finish things and I can never find a simple screw driver when I need one even though he has a tool shed! So I have an all in one screw driver, a baby hammer and a few nails and screws I nicked from the tool shed in a little box I hide away from my DIY maniac! Love your show btw :)
Jo - My toolbox is a shoe box at the bottom of the airing cupboard with numbers of handy men and the odd screwdriver!
Kayla:  I have pink screwdrivers but that's all!!
Emilie: Hammer, nails, screw drivers... That's as far as it goes... Oh no, may also have an allen key.... Impressive!
Tracy:  Spanners, hammers, hex keys and most of the tools I need to keep the house, car and kids bikes going!
Jacky: In my tool box are screwdrivers, spirit level, sandpaper, drill bits and chuck key, insulation tape, screws, washers, hack saw, hammer, nails, Allen keys, ratchet set..... Am always fixing stuff, sanding down furniture or making things!
We’ll be back tomorrow from 4pm, see you then!
Lucy xxx