Lucy's Blog - Wednesday 24th July

Hiya! How utterly exciting. We’ve just found out that the Royal Baby boy is to be named Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge! The bookies were right then! What a lovely name. Aww.

That excitement aside, on today’s show we’ve been chatting about relationships. More specifically, we talked about the 5 things every man should know about his partner. We came up with our own list, which is this….
The 5 Things Every Man Should Know About His Partner….
Favourite Flower
Favourite Fragrance
Favourite Food
And finally…..shoe size!!
Of course, we asked you what you would add to this list, and as always, you were brilliant! So – what should your man know about you?
Michelle - Know that she is always right, don't argue with her, treat her like a queen, respect her and most of all love her even with her faults x sorry ladies I already have this man, been married now for 24yrs xx

Sue - Favourite fragrance, favourite sweets (for time of month/apologies!), birthday, favourite dessert and favourite takeaway choice (a lot of food related there!)

Antony - Whether she likes White, Red or Rose!!

Linda - That she is always right!!

Joanne – How to make my tea & bring me flowers !

Kayleigh - not to forget her name!

Angie - What she likes, her clothes size, what she DOESN'T like, where she likes to go & what she likes to do!
We’ll be back tomorrow from 4pm, see you then!
Lucy xx