Lucy's Blog - Wednesday 30th January

Hellllooooo!! It’s the hump of the week – yep, we made it to Wednesday!

On today's show we talked about nicknames….what are yours & how on earth did you get them? Mine’s ‘Minky Moo’ – it was a nickname that my 2 Uni housemates & I gave each other and it’s stuck ever since!
Here’s some of your brilliant nicknames….
Hi my nickname was cabbage! I have very short curly hair so I guess I looked liked one! Sarah :)
My nickname is yogurt. Spilt it down me in first year of secondary school and lasted 12 years!!! Rhymes with Robert too...
My nickname is Titch as I'm small lol :-) – Jess
My brothers used to call me Boney M when I was younger as I was a skinny kid!
We also revealed that our Producer Aussie Nige, is off to a party this weekend. It’s the sort of party he’s never been to before….but what type of soiree is it? We posted a picture as a clue on the Heart London Facebook page, here’s some of your guesses….
Michelle - BIG BABY Shower
Roger - Baby party with jelly and ice cream
Rosie - strippers party

But the answer was correctly guessed by: Christine, with: Is it a onesie swapsie party?   Yes Christine it is!

Also we finally got to the bottom of the mystery of the Overheard Commuter Conversation, if you missed it have a listen below to when we caught up with the girl form the train Rachel and find out why her dad was so upset with his tenants.  You will not believe what they want to build!

Lucy xxx

Commuter Conversation Part 1

Commuter Conversation Part 2