Lucy's Blog - Wednesday 3rd April

Hiya! LOVING the fact it’s Thursday tomorrow! Yessss! Hope your short week is going brilliantly.

So, on today’s show we continued our Family Week theme, by talking about our beloved Grandparents. We asked you to complete this sentence…

‘Grandparents are great because…..’
Dave: They make lovely roast dinners!
Amber: There always right about everything lol
Kelly: They always have good stories to tell.
Susan: Because I’m one, and I can spoil them and don’t get told off!
Theresa: Their kitchen’s always open for treats! Xxxx
Allegra: Their home is always inviting, their hearts are always giving, their meals are always home cooked and fresh and delicious, and their experience is always there to guide and help. They are the best. I miss mine terribly but love to see my boys spoiled and adored by theirs.
Davinia: They are great baby sitters when you want to go out & party!;-) lol xx
Tracy: Because they love you unconditionally without the telling off.
Michaela: They can teach you real history!
Sally: My Grandad Sam was just the best! He taught me a lot about gardening, and I’d sit for hours, listening as he told me stories about the War. God bless him. .xxx
Clairlouise: Grandparents are great because they’re always there and they give lovely cuddles. Sadly my Grandad passed away 9 years ago and my Nan just passed away. I miss them both dearly.  Xxxxxx
On tomorrow’s show, we continue Family Week by asking you to tell us about all the stories your parents roll out to embarrass you!
See you from 4!
Lucy xxx