Lucy's Blog - Wednesday 4th September

Hiya! So, today we’ve been chatting about building our own Supermarket!

It may sound a little far fetched, but we all love doing the big shop, and it’s always fun to daydream about how we could ‘enhance’ our weekly food escapade! For example, what’s not to love about a Golden ticket system at the Cheese counter, where the shopper who gets it, wins a lifetime supply of Cheese every week? How about the Beer, Wine & Spirit aisle being turned into an ACTUAL BAR? Or maybe we could allow JK sized adults to sit in the kid seat attached to the trolley…
We asked what would YOU add to our make believe Supermarket? Here’s my Top 5…..
Le - Having a celebrity shopper load and unload the shopping whist you smile and watch! One can only dream!
Andie - An oinking piggy with an inflatable waistline next to the puddings to deter impulse buying when bored!
Lee - Personal shopping robots that do all the hard work while you sit and have a coffee in the coffee shop
Yvonne - Conveyor belt to take you around!
Steve – Lay bys in aisles to allow shoppers to stop and chat without blocking the aisle.
We’ll be back from 4pm tomorrow, see you then!
Lucy xxx