Lucy's Blog - Wednesday 5th June

Hiya! Hope you’ve had a lovely day and thoroughly enjoyed this lovely weather!

So, on today’s show we were talking about the random things you see on your journey home from work! This came about after JK’s girlfriend spotted something very random – a Highland Cow, just standing on the motorway!
So – what’s the most random thing you’ve seen on your way home?
Sally - An old man peeling carrots on the tube. Hundreds of them.
Helen - I saw a dog behind the wheel of a car! I couldn’t stop laughing!
I was driving home and saw a women in about her 50s roller skating along the path on the main road!
Sitting at traffic lights, a group of smurfs looking through a hedge at me!
John - Sheep watching the traffic from an overbridge over the M25.
Emma – A man walking near Hampton Court palace with his shoes on his ears!
Nia - A rollerblading clown!
Sarah - On my way home I pulled up at a roundabout, looked to my right and a man was in the phone box on the corner, changing into a Superman costume!
Lisa - I have seen a nun having a tinkle at the side of the m25. Very funny!
Head to the Heart London Facebook page to see some pics of other random things you’ve across on your way home!
See you tomorrow afternoon from 4pm!
Lucy xxx