Lucy's Blog - Wednesday 6th November

Hiya! So, today JK revealed that he’s got his girlfriend a Onesie.

Initially he tried to make out he was being a nice boyfriend & bought it for her as a random gift. However, it turns out he just doesn’t want to put the heating on until December! Typical man eh? Anyway, she text him, saying she was wearing her Onesie at 4pm in the afternoon! He seemed surprised by this news, and scoffed that you just ‘shouldn’t be wearing a Onesie at that time!’
So – we had to ask you – are you wearing your Onesie right now? Turns out quite a few of you were…..
Gill - I'm in a Onesie with cats all over it and my Husband is in a tiger onesie!
Helen – I’m in one and got the folks coming round for tea!
Donna – I’m wearing a big fluffy pink onesie with matching fully toesies, fully equipped with a hood! Snug as a bug in a rug.
Amanda - Both myself and my 5 year old daughter get into our noises when we get home from school about 3:30pm! Especially on a cold wet and windy day like today!
Christine - I do all the time. Bath kids have a shower & PJ's or Onesie goes on. Sometimes as early as 4 or 5 nothing wrong with comfort whilst doing dinner!
We’ll be back tomorrow from 4pm, I’m off home now to snuggle up in my Onesie! (and yes, it’s one with a hood & ears!)
Lucy xxx