Lucy's Blog - Wednesday January

Hi ya! So, on today's show, we talked about ways the other half embarrasses you

This was after my radio ‘husband’ JK refused to walk next to me yesterday….because I was wearing a hat/scarf/glove thingy, that made me look not unlike a Polar Bear. He made me stand behind him, the cheeky scamp! Here’s some of the ways YOUR other half embarrasses you….
Danny - My gf's laugh in a packed resturant.... Her laugh is a combination of night vision goggles powering up and a horse!
Jennifer - My husband embarrassed me when we were out shopping one day and wrapped himself around my legs in the middle of the shop and yelled at the top of his voice "please don't leave me, I promise that I'll be good ", to make matters worse an elderly lady came over patted him on the shoulder and said "don't worry dear you'll find someone better", I just stood there in shock.
Jayne - Everytime my husband & I are in a supermarket & I stop & look at the reduced section, which is usually packed with people my husband always shouts 'GO ON LUV GET IN THERE!!! PUSH UM OUT THE WAY!!' I used to go bright red but after 13yrs together I've got used to it ......
And if you still haven’t seen it, make sure you go to the Heart London facebook page and check out Tom from Mcfly’s wedding speech. It really is something special. Your thoughts on it so far include these little nuggets…
Janie - OMGoodness!! What a BEAUTIFUL thing to think of for EVERYONE that he cares about and who cares about him. You know how extremely happy he was and how long he planned for this. It made me cry! BRAVO!! Well done!!
Hannah - Oh my god that was so amazingly romanticcc! Xx
Louise -  Amazing it made me cry. Such a personal tribute to everyone who'd made the day.
Diane - Fantastic. And oh did I blub!
As you may have realised, it’s a lovely tearjerker, and should also come in handy for inspiration if you’re getting married soon. Maybe leave our Facebook page open on your laptop, just in case the other half happens to chance upon it….
We’ll be back tomorrow afternoon from 4, see you then!
Lucy xxx