Lucy's Blog - Wednesday 7th August

Hiya! So, today JK went for a run. I know. I almost fainted in shock too.

See, he’s got this charity football match on Sunday and he’s panicking about not being fit enough. And don’t I know it. All he did from the second he arrived at Heart HQ today was moan about his back! So, I thought I’d be nice and teach him some stretches to alleviate his aches & pains. Starting (& unfortunately ending with) the Crab. Of course we filmed it all. Pahahahaha. Check out how he got on here….
We also talked about the things we used to do to keep ourselves entertained during the school holidays! We had a great response, thank you! Here’s some of yours….
Kaz - Used to look for slow worms!
Billie - We used to go to The Moor at the back of our house and collect tadpoles in jars at the river, plus pick plums & raspberries to eat.
Amital - I used to play rounders when the weather was good and blind man's buff and put mattress' on the stairs and slide down it when it was raining
Me and my mate went to the local MFI. We’d hide in the wardrobes when people were looking around they opened the door we then jumped out and made them jump and run out off the shop laughing!
Sandi - Hey JK and Lucy, we used to play knock down ginger and kiss Chase!
Tracy - We went to play centre, did loads of activities, day trips out!
Ayesha - I used to bake with my nana when I was little!
We’ll be back from 4pm tomorrow, see you then! xxx