Lucy's Florida Blog - 14th May

Hello! So, Day 2 here at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, and after the excitement of Hollywood Studios yesterday, today we’ve moved on to explore Epcot!

Epcot’s the park where budding Astronauts can check out Mission Space, foodies can taste a world of flavour at the World Showcase, and you can fly above the ocean on Soarin’!

We also took in the Test Track, where you can design the car you travel in, creating your own car colour shape, engine & even customise some little extras, before testing it out on the ride of your life! This was my mission today, and I had a point to prove to JK. That point being that actually, I am a decent driver! Click here to see how I did…

JK took on Mission Space, a simulator where you feel the G-Force & confined space of a space shuttle on a mission to Mars! It’s truly brilliant. Find out how JK got on as Mission Commander right here

The most iconic part of Epcot is the big silver ball, the correct name being Spaceship Earth! This is the part of the park that scores of holidaymakers descend on for THE Disney photo opportunity.

A trip to Epcot just isn’t complete without a visit to the World Showcase. Comprised of 11 miniature versions of countries, known as Pavilions, you can try Lamb Kebabs in Morocco, utterly delicious Funnel Cake in the US, and even good old Fish & Chips in the UK!

On today’s show, as it’s holiday week, we asked you to tell us just what the most clichéd holiday photos are – check out the TOP 10 below!

We’re back tomorrow from 4pm, where we’ll fill you in on the brilliant Disney water parks, plus have another chance for you to win a 7 day family holiday to Walt Disney World Resort in Florida!

See you then!

Lucy xxx


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