Lucy's Florida Blog - 16th May

Hiya! Day 4 here at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, and today we went to the brilliant & beautiful Animal Kingdom! Home to more than 1700 animals across 250 species, you can take in the stunning scenery & head on lots of animal based adventures across the park!

The first adventure we experienced was the Festival of the Lion King. Featuring all your favourite characters from the Lion King movies, it’s a fantastic all singing, all dancing extravaganza, with some breathtaking acrobatics & stunning performances! You can’t help but sing along to every word of ‘Hakuna Matata’ & you will definitely have a tear in your eye during the ‘Circle of Life’! Here’s a taster of what to expect….

We then sent JK off to Expedition Everest – Legend of the Forbidden Mountain. It’s a thrilling rollercoaster adventure where you, as an intrepid explorer, attempt to find the Yeti, that mysterious snow monster! Also, if you’ve never been backwards on a rollercoaster, you’ll do that too! To find out if JK has what it takes to rival the likes of Captain Scott, click here -

Meanwhile, I was sent off to explore the Kilimanjaro Safari’s! Set in a stunning 110 acre wildlife reserve, there’s 34 species of African animals roaming free, including Giraffe’s, Black Rhinos, Warthogs (yes, actual PUMBAA’s!!) & Hippos! The attention to detail in recreating the African Savannah for these animals is incredible! My mission though, was to track down the big cats. To find out if I managed to seek out the Lions, click here

Plus Check out all the pictures below!

We continued our Holiday Week theme by asking you this question – What have you donated to the lost property box while on holiday?

Here’s some of your items, some were truly bizarre! 

Sally – I left my false teeth in a glass by the bed in a hotel, very embarrassing having to go back & ask for them!

Liz - I lost my new trainers after putting them on the roof of the car after a beach trip - we drove off with them still on the roof

Amy – my Dad works for a train company & says the weirdest thing that's ever been left in their lost property is a stuffed fox!

Kat – I left my diary on holiday – really hope no one read it when they found it!

Linda – I left my bag of birthday presents in a restaurant on my birthday weekend away, I was not very popular with my friends the next day!

We’ll be back from 4pm tomorrow, with another dream family holiday to Walt Disney World Resort in Florida to give away. You could be joining Jay, Sarah, Kelly & Steve at the happiest place on earth!

See you then,

Lucy xxx

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