Lucy's Florida Blog - 17th May

Happy Friday! How are you today? Hope you’ve had a wonderful week! So, today it was our final afternoon bringing you the show from Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. If you’ve enjoyed it as much as we have, don’t worry – we’ll be back with all the best bits from the week & more, tomorrow morning from 6am! Hurrah

So today, we went to my favourite park of all – the Magic Kingdom! This is THE place to be if you’re a budding Disney Princess or Prince Charming. It truly is magical. From the second you see Cinderella’s Castle, you’re propelled back to the carefree years when you first discovered Disney!

One of my favourite Disney films is Beauty & The Beast, so of course I just had to experience Enchanted Tales with Belle in New Fantasyland! It’s the story of how she meets the Beast, and takes place in her father Maurice’s house. Expect plenty of Disney magic as an enchanted mirror transforms into a doorway that leads you to Belle’s journey from being a normal girl to becoming a Princess! If you want to find out more about my experience & hear my chat with actual Belle herself, click HERE….

You’ll also find It’s A Small World within the Magic Kingdom, and of course, being Borrower sized, we wanted to make JK feel at home, so we sent him on the iconic ride around the world. We’ve all still got the music stuck in our heads! ‘It’s a small world after all…’

He also took in the excitement of the classic Space Mountain, where you hurtle at high speed through the galaxy, underneath a blanket of twinkling stars! It’s a real thrill seeking ride! To hear more about JK’s experiences, click HERE….

Our final experience in the Magic Kingdom was the most incredible one of all. The Wishes Night Time Spectacular. Everyone in the park makes a pilgrimage here. It begins as images of Disney legends, past & present, are projected onto the front of Cinderella’s Castle, including Walt Disney himself! You will then be treated to the most fantastic firework display you’ve ever seen, to the sounds of ‘When You Wish Upon A Star’! Jiminy Cricket guides you through the whole experience, and you might just see Tinkerbell fly across the park during the spectacular show too!

Tomorrow, on Saturday breakfast, we have another chance for you to be right here in Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. You could be joining Jay, Sarah, Kelly, Steve & Lorna on a dream holiday to the happiest place on earth!

Plus, if there’s anything you’ve missed from this week, head online to where you can catch up on everything we’ve experienced this week & have another chance to win a holiday here right there too!

Make sure you join us from 6 tomorrow morning!

With lots of love from Disney World,

Lucy xxx