Animal shelter worried about new rules

5 May 2010, 12:00

A Milton Keynes Animal Rescue centre - which also cares for animals from Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire - says it's worried it might be overrun by people off-loading their abandoned pets.

It's because of the way the RSPCA looks after animals, changes this week.

The national animal charity, will only now deal with animals which have been abused or at risk of cruelty, and that means it's the local animal charities such as Hula Animal Rescue in Aspley Guise, which will be asked to care for the rest.

Karina Collins from the centre told Heart, "we will never put a dog down, we work with people to try and rehome cats and dogs by retraining the animals, and working with potential new owners".

Karina added, "we fear other centres who are even more cash-strapped than us, will be forced to put down perfectly healthy animals, because there's no room or funds available to look after the animals".

Karina says if you are considering buying a pet you ought to consider how long the animal lives for and "whether you can give it love and care for it's entire life, and if you can't what you will do with it when you're no longer able to".

An open day on Sunday will showcase the work of the Hula Animal Rescue, so people can see if they would rather take on an abandoned pet, rather than buy one from a shop.

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