Appeal To Find Men In Alleyway

6 June 2011, 12:37 | Updated: 6 June 2011, 12:47

Police hunting the killers of two teenagers, shot dead in an alleyway, are trying to identify six men seen walking away.

The six were seen ambling out of the alleyway on Milton Keynes' Fishermead estate after Mohamed Abdi Farah, 19, and his 18 year old friend Amin Ahmed Ismail (pictured right) were shot in the head shortly after 10pm on Thursday 26 May 2011.

After they left, another shot was fired at Amin.

The six were all black and spoke in a foreign language.  Five were of average height, but the sixth was very tall, at around 6'5".

Detective Superintendent Rob Mason, who is leading the investigation, said "We need to identify these individuals who may have vital information."

He went on:  "They were seen ambling away down the boulevard and then up another alleyway towards the city centre."

Mr Mason said the police had information which they needed to turn into evidence. "We need witnesses to come forward with critical information.  They can talk to us anonymously" he said.

The police have released CCTV images of the victims less than half an hour before they were shot dead.  Mohamed and Amin were seen on camera at the Xscape building in Milton Keynes city centre, just half a mile away, at twenty five to ten.

Both youths had been convicted of minor public order offences, but neither had any drug convictions.

Detective Superintendent Mason said he could not say what their murder was related to.

Mohamed lived with his mother in Birmingham.  He had recently returned from visiting his father in Somalia and had only been back in this country for four weeks.

Amin lived with his family in East London.

Police have arrested six people in connection with the murder investigation, and all have since been released on bail.