Big Drink Debate

Which drink related issues to do you think are most important?

That's what NHS Milton Keynes wants to find out, by encouraging you to sign up to the South East Big Drink Debate.

You've got until 31st January to sign the alcohol manifesto and highlight which issues you think professional organisations should try to deal with first.

You can take part here:

The manifesto is based on local opinions which were captured from research and at public debates which took place in autumn 2009. It highlights the need to:

 Support police forces in tackling anti-social behaviour and alcohol related crimes
 Work to reduce family breakdown and domestic abuse linked to alcohol
 Explore whether minimum prices and restrictions on cheap alcohol sales should be introduced
 Make adult drinkers of all ages aware of health risks from drinking above guidelines, not just binge drinkers
 Help employers advise staff on potential effects of their drinking

Sue Frossell, Consultant in Public Health at NHS Milton Keynes, said: "The manifesto raises important issues which affect us all, from alcohol related crime to health risks and family breakdown. Registering support for the points you agree with is an opportunity for everyone in Milton Keynes to influence what action professional organisations take next. I was keen to sign up, and hope other organisations and local people will do the same."

The Big Drink Debate is being led by NHS South Central, NHS South East Coast and the Government Office for the South East.