Campaign to stop tired drivers

Up to 23% of crashes on motorways in Thames Valley are caused by tired drivers.

That's according to Thames Valley Safer Roads Partnership which has produced a Vodcast to try and stop people driving if they haven't had enough sleep.

Click here to watch the video

The short film is part of a campaign to try and reduce the number of casualties on our roads.

Research shows that 17-25 year old males are responsible for 84 per cent of fatigue-related accidents and that most of the accidents which are caused by tiredness happen between 2am and 5am.

But there's another, lower peak between 3pm and 4pm and Thames Valley Safer Roads Partnership says drivers over 30 are especially likely to have a peak in tiredness when driving in the early hours of the afternoon.

Dan Campsell from the Thames Valley Safer Roads Partnership told Heart:

"In the afternoon, maybe after lunch when we're feeling a little bit drowsy, many of us will have experienced that at work when we don't concentrate our best. And that can be a real time when we need to watch and take note."

When someone who's driving is tired their reactions become impaired and their senses aren't as sharp, which reduces their concentration and alertness.

Drivers are advised to get six to eight hours sleep before they travel, but Mr Campsell admits that's not always possible:

"I've got young kids and that makes it quite a challenge for me at times. So be willing to, if necessary, pull over at the motorway services, stop, have a short break and get some caffeine in to you as well."

Drivers are advised to avoid overnight journeys and allow time for breaks. If you are tired you're being told to stop driving, grab a coffee and 'have a kip'.