Clear Up In Bletchley

10 August 2011, 11:09 | Updated: 12 August 2011, 11:59

Police were called out to deal with what they're calling "minor disturbances" around Milton Keynes last night.

It started with calls to five estates in the centre of Milton Keynes after trouble broke out.

Residents in Eaglestone, Garraways, Coffee Hall, Bean Hill and Netherfield were advised to stay indoor and not to watch.

A spokesperson said for Thames Valley Police said: "We are currently dealing with incidents of minor disorder in estates around central Milton Keynes. No members of the public have been targeted or injured as a result of the disorder that is taking place.
We would advise residents if you are near to where this disorder is taking place to stay indoors and not to stand and watch.
If you are a parent in these areas, and you do not know where your children are, please call them to make sure they are safe and to encourage them not to get involved in mindless acts of violence".

The police helicopter was then deployed to Bletchley where there was more serious disorder. A number of shops had their glass windows kicked in.

Police also spent the night countering rumours on social media that the trouble was on a much larger scale. Officers used the @tvp_mk link on Twitter to keep people informed.