Cockroaches in MK

200 flats are being blitzed in Central Milton Keynes to kill off an infestation of cockroaches.

Bug control officers are spending 2 days targeting the apartments in North 9th and 10th Street after complaints from residents.

By lunchtime today (Monday), exterminators, working in teams of 5, had already treated 150 flats.

Chris Mckirgan, Senior Animal Control Officer, told Heart, "previous attempts hadn't been successful because staff couldn't get access to all the properties, and the cockroaches just spread.

So today we've asked all the residents in these blocks to allow us to get in to solve the problem once and for all."

Chris said across the City shouldn't be worried because they should be able to control, contain and destroy all the insects in this zone, but it's worth reminding everyone that to prevent cockroaches appearing in your house you need to follow the this check-list:

1 - Keep your kitchen clean
2 - Always wipe surfaces after food has touched it
3 - Always remove crumbs, especially from floors and corners
4 - Keep cupboard shelves clear of crumbs and open food
5 - Always keep rubbish covered and disposed of properly.