Fire At MK Hospital

30 March 2011, 16:54 | Updated: 30 March 2011, 17:13

32 patients have been evacuated from a Treatment Centre at Milton Keynes Hospital this morning (Wednesday).

It's after a fire broke out in the kitchen area of the unit - which is a separate building to the main hospital.

A member of staff tried to put the fire out using a CO2 extinguisher. Once he had left the building he needed to be treated for the effects of breathing in smoke.

Firefighters were called to the incident at just after 10.30am. Three crews from Bletchley, Broughton and Great Holm used a hose reel, four sets of breathing apparatus and Positive Pressure Ventilation (a large, powerful fan) to clear away the smoke.

The patients who were evacuated were taken to other parts of the hospital and were able to return to the treatment centre in the afternoon. Some patients, who were only in the centre for a short amount of time, were discharged home when the evacuation took place.

The fire was in the ground floor kitchen of the unit and involved polystyrene plates and plastic cutlery. When the items burnt they gave off black and noxious smoke, which spread and percolated to the first floor.

Station Manager Dave Norris from Bletchley Fire Station said:

"The hospital's emergency procedures were excellent, and the safety of patients and staff was our priority at all times."

Susan Hare - who was a patient at the unit said:

"Staff were very efficient at getting wheelchairs to take people and got us back very quickly. I wasn't worried."