A Golden Journey

11 September 2012, 16:00

A woman from Milton Keynes has set herself the challenge of going to see every golden post box in the UK.

Paula Grant told Heart she decided to set herself the challenge because she was so inspired by the Olympics and the success of the British athletes:

"Just the feeling all the athletes have given me when they won their gold’s … I felt good and I just wanted to carry that feeling on and you know you meet these lovely people at the boxes as well that have that good feeling as well"

There’s also a more personal reason that Paula wanted to keep herself busy with the challenge over the summer. 

At this time of year she finds herself remembering the two children that she lost.

In July her son Leigh would have been celebrating his 27the birthday and in August her daughter Hayley would have turned 29.

Paula says the challenge, that has already taken her to more than 30 gold post boxes, has stopped her from moping around.

Out of the 63 post boxes that Paula has to go to, she says the one she's most looking forward to is Carl Hester's in Sark, Guernsey because she will get to travel there by boat.

So far her favourite post box was the one painted for Laura Bechtolsheimer in Ampney St Peter in Gloucestershire. She told Heart she liked this one because it was different to all the others- small and set into a old building.

You can see the photos of Paula's journey in the gallery below.