High Speed 2 Leaflet

Buckinghamshire County Council has produced a leaflet giving people more information about the proposed High Speed 2 Rail Line.

At the moment the 250 mile-an-hour line is proposed to run between London and Birmingham and would run near villages like Calvert and Tingewick.

The leaflet will be available tomorrow (Saturday) at parish and town councils as well as at libraries and community groups along the proposed route. All district councils will also get copies and you can download it here

It contains key facts about the HS2 proposals, the route, what will happen next and how you can find out more information.

Val Letheren, Buckinghamshire County Council Cabinet Member for Transportation told Heart:

"The government are looking to do consultation on the blight and the issues which are affecting houses already. And we want to make sure that Buckinghamshire residents are fully informed and therefore have the opprtunity to contribute to all the discussions going."