Lions in centre:mk

Basketball is coming to the centre:mk tonight.

The Marshall MK Lions will play their first match on their new temporary court in Middleton Hall this evening, taking on the Essex Pirates at 7.30pm.

The team will play 10 games at Middleton Hall before they make the Milton Keynes Arena at the MK Dons Stadium their permanent home in September.

The Marshall MK Lions used to play at the old Bletchley Leisure Centre where they had a fan capacity of 800 fans. Now 15000 people can watch the game. 

Vince Macauley, head coach tod heart “It’s a real opportunity to take it to people who haven’t had the opportunity to come down to Bletchley. And also sometimes we had Bletchley completely full up, so now we’ve got more seats and we can really try to entertain them.”