Local Microlight pilot reaches new heights

6 August 2010, 12:00

A man from Winslow has flown his open cock-pit Microlight to almost the same height as full-size passenger aircraft reach.

Ashley Carr completed his challenge earlier this week, to raise money for a charity which cares for African children affected by HIV or Aids.

Mr Carr started his climb at Finmere Aerodrome in Buckinghamshire and flew just north of Bedford, where he reached his target height of 10,000 feet. He normally flies between 800 and 2,500 feet.

Mr Carr said:

"Climbing to 10,000 feet was the scariest thing I've ever done - to state the obvious, it looked a very long way down! But it was all in aid of a good cause and I'm delighted to have succeeded in the challenge."

So far Mr Carr has raised £27,000, for 'Project-O' - a South African based charity which gives financial help, support, education and medical care to children infected or affected by HIV or Aids. It provides self-sufficient children's homes where the kids live in a safe and loving environment. The vision of the charity is to see African Aids orphans living in the homes or with extended families.

You can still sponsor Mr Carr here by clicking on 'Altitude Attempt'.