Man Jailed For Robbing Pensioner

15 August 2011, 13:53 | Updated: 15 August 2011, 14:00

A thief who duped an elderly Buckingham man into handing over his bank details was imprisoned for three years.

The 85 year old victim had his wallet stolen while shopping in Waitrose in Buckingham on 26 March.

Later that day Kevin Nanton, aged 43, called the victim and duped him into believing he was from the bank.

The victim told him his PIN number and his bank cards were then used to steal £863 from his accounts.

Nanton who was living in a bail hostel in Milton Keynes at the time of his arrest, was sentenced to three years at Amersham Crown Court last Thursday (August 11th).

Nanton, who had only been released from prison eight days before on 18 March for committing this type of offence, was identified on CCTV by an Police Community Support Officer.

Nanton was arrested on 1 April and remanded in custody to appear at court last week. At the trial, he admitted he had used the stolen cards to withdraw the money but denied he had stolen the wallet. However, a jury found him guilty of the theft.