Meeting Over Bus Changes

Angry Commuters have set up a meeting over changes to bus services in Milton Keynes

Local MPs and the Council are also expected at today's (Friday) 2 pm meeting at Christ the Cornerstone.

Some travellers say there wasn't enough consultation about the changes - which they say in some cases means journeys are taking twice as long and costing twice as much.

Jo Bevan - who's a community mobiliser in Bletchley, told Heart "People are feeling there's not much communication from the companies to the people who use the service - and that can be from what tickets they're allowed to use and where the service is - it seems like there's a big gap between the bus companies and the people who use the services" and she says it's affecting people across the town "Even teenagers trying to get across the city to see friends or even to go to school - a lot of the families for example who live on The Lakes Estate if they're trying to get to school they've also been affected"

Bus company Arriva told Heart:  "We are aware that some people are less than satisfied with some of the changes to the bus services in Milton Keynes, however, it is important to remember that majority of bus customers have seen improvements to their services.  We are now at the stage were we are reviewing the feedback we have received and will ensure any future plans take the feedback into consideration.  We are attending the meeting on Friday afternoon as we aware of the importance of ensuring our services meet the majority of our current and potential customers’ needs.”