MK Top Spot For Halloween

31 October 2013, 08:50


If you're out for Halloween the best place in the country for trick or treating is Milton Keynes.

If you're out trick or treating this Halloween the best place for it is in Milton Keynes.

The town's been named as the country's best trick or treating hotspot.

Milton Keynes topped Zoopla's 'trick or treat index' with its relatively low road traffic accident rate of 0.24 incidents involving pedestrians per 1,000 residents, as well as low crime rates.

Its high scores for safety meant that it came out best.

Stockport, which was also found to have relatively low crime and accident rates, came second in the study, with Leeds ranked in third position due to its high housing density and relatively low crime.

Lawrence Hall, Zoopla spokesman, said: "Seasoned trick or treaters know the secrets to securing the best Halloween haul and stay safe while doing so.

``The combination of a high density of affluent homes along with good road safety and low crime is the key to success on Halloween. Home owners in Milton Keynes might want to stock up on treats, or they may find themselves on the end of a trick or two.''