Newport Pagnell Conservation Area

29 April 2010, 06:00

You're being asked what you think about proposed changes to the Newport Pagnell Conservation Area.

Milton Keynes Council's asking local people to comment on suggestions which would see the size of the town's protected area increase and could also mean there are stricter rules for what can and cannot be done to properties within the conservation area.

Martin Ellison - a Senior Planning Officer at MK Council - told Heart which areas it's being suggested should be moved in the conservation zone:

"The town's defences from the civil war, the Mill Island and the North Bridge so that they are recognised as being part of the town's special character and also some of the little nooks and crannies around Tickford End."

The Willen Road bathing place could also be included.

As well as saying what you think about the new areas, you're being asked if you think the rules about changes that can be made to houses and gardens in the area should be tightened. If they are it would mean locals may have to get permission before they make changes to things like windows, doors and garden walls.

Mr Ellison told us why they're considering the change:

"The special qualities of the town, things that really make it a little bit different and give it a quality, begin to be run down, and what is old and special and unique is replaced by something which is modern and common place and mass produced."

The consultation is running up until Monday 24th May 2010. You can make your comments here.