Nightclub Hanging Was "Freak Accident"

29 October 2012, 13:16 | Updated: 29 October 2012, 13:25

A man's recovering after accidentally hanging himself on a noose set up as a Hallowe'en prop at a nightclub in Milton Keynes.

Thames Valley Police are calling what happened at Pink Punters in Fenny Stratford "a tragic accident".  They were called to the venue just after 11pm on Saturday 27 October 2012.

The 25 year-old man was taken to Milton Keynes Hospital in a critical condition, but his condition was said to have improved since and he is understood to be talking to hospital staff.

Thames Valley Police say they will work with Milton Keynes Council to investigate the safety of the event.

Frank McMahon, who owns the club, which attracts gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender people said: "There was an accident involving a Halloween prop which had been in use for several years at the club. It is a safe system.

"It's just a rope with a large noose which doesn't go tight around the neck. People use it so they can have photographs taken. We've never had a previous incident with it.

"It's one of several props that we use, and is low down to the ground. We do have an excellent safety system in place and we believe it to be a freak accident.''

Co-owner Joe McMahon told Heart it was a "freak accident'' involving a low-hung prop that had been safely used for several years.

Mr McMahon said it was the Hallowe'en prop had be used for around 5 years "without incident" and it was very unfortunate the man had suffered a collapse at the time he was using the prop but because he was wearing a mask, it took "a few more moments for people to realise he had got into difficulties."

Mc McMahon added: "we have an excellent safety record at the club and have 200 CCTV cameras inside and fully-trained staff, there's not much more I think we could have done to prevent the accident, but I'm really glad he [the 25 year-old man] is making a good recovery and wish him well."

Superintendent Barry Halliday said: "I appreciate that this incident may have caused some concern in the community. However, I would stress that it appears to be a tragic accident and is not any type of hate-related crime."

Thames Valley Police have subsequently told Heart the man's in an "improving situation and isn't in danger.''