No Smoking Day

Today (Wednesday) is National No Smoking Day and you can start your road to quitting, TODAY!

Over 12,000 people have quit smoking in MK and Bucks, in the past year.

For most people courses and advice is free, only having to pay for patches or gum afterwards.

In Milton Keynes and across Buckinghamshire, smoke-free courses and support range from providing regular support appointments over the first few weeks of quitting, to providing nicotine replacement therapy - such as patches or gum.

Lynn Errington from Fishermead finally gave up smoking nine weeks ago:

"It's absolutely brilliant. Before I'd be up the centre doing the shopping and think, 'oh, I really want that coat' or 'I really want that dress' and think, 'oh I can't afford it because I need to get cigarettes for the week."

She says her children are proud of her too:

"They're like, 'oh I can't believe you're doing it Mummy, we didn't think you were going to do it', and part of it is that I know for a fact that if I did go and have one now it would just make me feel sick."

Facts and Figures

* Across the UK, 114000 people die from smoking related diseases, that's the equivalent to 13 people dying per hour, every hour of the day, every day of the year.

* 90% of lung cancer deaths are caused by tobacco

* Exposure to secondhand smoke increases the chance of other people, including your children to the risk of cancer by 25% (and increases the risk of cot-death in babies).

* Only 18% of the population in Buckinghamshire smoke, one of the lowest in the UK

Tips for quitting

* Find someone else who is planning to quit - and help and encourage each other

* Throw away ashtrays, lighters and cigarettes

* Patches and gum will reduce the cravings - they're available from Bucks and MK Quit Smoking services - or on prescription

* Go for a walk every time you feel the need for a cigarette

* Join a gym

* Fill the fridge with healthy, low calorie snacks