Olney pancake race

Hundreds of people have lined the streets of Olney for the town's annual pancake race.

Around 26 women took part - it was won by 45 year old Jane Hughes, in one minute and seven seconds.

Only women who are over 18 and who have lived in Olney for at least three months are allowed to take part in the race. They must dress in the traditional costume of a skirt, head scarf and apron, and run with a frying pan with a pancake in. The race is 415 yards long and goes from the market square to the entrance of the church.

It's thought the pancake race tradition started in 1455, when a woman in Olney, who realised she was late for church on Shrove Tuesday, ran out of her house and through the town still carrying a frying pan. The race is celebrated in the town every year. This years is the 61st event on record.

If a woman wins the race three times, it means they can't enter competitively anymore. Today was Ms Hughes' third victory so from now on if she wants to be part of it she'll have to do it three-legged.

Ms Hughes told us:

"It's an absolutely fantastic day. It brings everyone to Olney, puts us on the map, great community spirit so, winning's fantastic but it is the participating that is the best thing. I'm just so pleased so many people ran."