Pensioner Robbed while Waiting for Bus

18 March 2011, 11:14 | Updated: 18 March 2011, 11:40

An 84-year-old woman was robbed of a sentimental pendant and chain worth £400 while waiting for a bus in Milton Keynes.

The woman had the gold jewellery taken while she was waiting for the bus at Faraday Drive, Shenley Lodge between Marconi Croft and Edison Square at five to one last Saturday lunchtime.

A woman got out of the front seat of a dirty dark or black car and demanded £50 from her for car repairs. 

She was insistent and asked the woman to pay £50 in return for some jewellery. An altercation took place and the car returned.

The offender then left in the car which went towards the V4 Watling Street. There were two men and another woman in the car, all aged around 30.

After the car had gone the victim discovered that her gold sovereign pendant and gold rope chain had been stolen from around her neck during the incident.

Neighbour Officer Chris Bird said: "The pendant was a gift from the victim's now late husband and was of tremendous sentimental value, it is believed to date from around 1895, it was also uninsured and valued at £400.

"The incident has left the victim distraught and feeling unsafe in her own environment following this cruel and calculated incident in broad daylight on a busy thoroughfare. I appeal to anyone who may have witnessed a dirty looking black car or a female in her 30's with a white female in her 80's in the street to contact the police or crime stoppers."