Quit smoking money tin

If you're trying to quit smoking in Milton Keynes, you can now get a money tin to help you see how much cash you're saving.

NHS MK hopes it will give people an extra incentive to give up.

People are encouraged to put the money they'd normally spend on cigarettes in to the tin. According to NHS MK an average smoker who smokes 20 a day could save around £38 a week, £167 a month, more than £1,000 in six months and over £2,000 in a year.

Chrissie Holding's a Public Health Specialist in Tobacco Control. She thinks for some people the incentive of saving money could be more affective than the health benefits:

"Sometimes we can appear well when we're smoking and actually we can't see necessarily the health benefits that we do as we get older. But what we do see is the extra money in our pockets."

Smokers who would like to quite can visit the following participating pharmacies:

 Cox and Robinsons at Stony Stratford, Melrose Avenue in Bletchley, Queensway in Bletchley, Olney, Fishermead, Netherfield, Ashfield or Walnut Tree
 Lloyds Pharmacy at Serpentine Court, Water Eaton or Glyn Square in Wolverton
 Rowlands Chemist at Willen
 Asda at Bletchley
 Smiths Chemist, Whaddon Way, Bletchley
 Boots at Beacon Retail Park, Bletchley or in Central Milton Keynes.

You'll be given an appointment to talk about your quit attempt with a qualified advisor and be given a personalised plan, which may involve prescription nicotine replacement therapy. You'll then get an appointment a week later to check your progress and get your money tin.