Requests To Use Fertility Chair

6 April 2011, 06:00

A hotel says it's been getting requests from women who want to come and sit on one of its chairs in the hope it'll help them have children.

Seven members of staff at the Best Western Moore Place Hotel in Aspley Guise have become pregnant after using the blue seat - which is kept behind the reception desk.

34-year-old Sales and Marketing Manager Seran Daines is one of them. She's expecting her first baby in September:

"On Facebook there was a comment on there from a lady posting, 'If I go and stay at the hotel would they let me go and sit on the chair?' And we have actually been asked if we want to put together some sort of weekend package that includes access to the chair! If someone wants to sit on it seriously enough then we can arrange for that to happen - but there's no guarantees."

Seran on Fertility ChairThe blue swivel chair is kept in an office just behind reception. Most of the women who have fallen pregnant are from the reception team - the other mums used the chair while they were working or having meetings behind the front desk.

Heart asked mum-to-be Seran if she really believes the chair has had a hand in helping them conceive:

"I don't think any of us are stupid enough to believe that we were impregnated by a chair. We all have husbands and fiances and partners that are very proud to be the fathers of these babies.

"It's a very personal thing. Some of the girls are very superstitious and actually believe the chair may have had something to do with it.

"I don't see the harm, in believing in something that is ultimately a little bit of fun. And if the results that you get are the magical ones that we have been getting, then it doesn't really matter does it? It's just a little bit a superstitious fun."