Secklow Gate Bridge

New cracks have been found on the Secklow Gate bridge, which goes over the Milton Keynes open market.

They've developed after the recent fire there and mean major work on the bridge is going to be needed over the next few months.

Structural engineers from MK Council have been carrying out daily inspections since the fire, and found the new cracks on Thursday.

As a precautionary measure it has been decided to close off more areas of the market and to extend the safety zone in to centre:mk. A small part of the Midsummer Arcade next to the open market is fenced off.

Shoppers are being diverted through TK Maxx and BHS or out through the open market.

An assessment is taking place this weekend to prepare for supporting props to be put in place.

MK Council anticipates the initial work should be complete within the next two weeks and normal access will then resume to the affected shopping areas.

However, Secklow Gate from the junction with Silbury Boulevard to Midsummer Boulevard will stay closed to traffic. Secklow Gate isn't expected to open to traffic for some months.

Ian McGregor, Highways Manager for Milton Keynes Council, said: “We have fenced off more areas around Secklow Gate bridge as a precautionary measure when our engineers identified new cracks on the structure in the area damaged by the fire.”

Robert Goodman, Centre Director of centre:mk, said: “Shopper safety is our primary concern and we've been working closely with Milton Keynes Council to ensure this. 

“The area under Secklow Gate bridge on Midsummer Arcade has been cordoned off and this has impacted the Krisp and Internacionale retailers in thecentre:mk. The remainder of the building is unaffected.”