Trading Standards twitter

17 February 2011, 09:22 | Updated: 2 March 2011, 13:03

Milton Keynes Trading Standards is launching their new Facebook and Twitter sites.

Following trading standards on these pages will give you an insight into the diverse and important work undertaken by the officers in the department, be it fighting fraudsters, counterfeiters and cowboy builders, or ensuring businesses stay compliant and sell only safe products to consumers.

Residents can ‘like’ Milton Keynes Trading Standards on Facebook and follow them on Twitter for free – this way they will always be kept up to date with the latest consumer and crime reduction information. Following trading standards in this way is also an ideal way for individuals and groups such as businesses and community organisations to be able to “retweet” messages, spreading the word further still.

Karen Ford, Head of Trading Standards, said “Facebook and Twitter are ideal platforms to keep our consumers and residents up-to-date with the latest Trading Standards news and can also allow one to one communication between officers and members of the public should they wish to use a cyber forum to confidentially tell us about a rogue trader, for example. Our message is give us a Twitter, follow us on Facebook and help us fight crime."

Councillor Mike Galloway, holder of the portfolio for Trading Standards at Milton Keynes Council said: “By making such effective use of Facebook and Twitter, our Trading Standards service is taking a great 21st century approach to keep consumers advised, businesses on track and the rogues always on the back foot."

To find trading standards on Facebook search Facebook for Milton Keynes Trading Standards or on twitter @MiltonKeynesTS.