Two Mile Ash Parking

People who live in or visit Two Mile Ash are being asked to comment on proposals designed to make the roads in the area safer.

A consultation's being carried out by Milton Keynes Council and Bradwell Abbey Parish Council to look at ideas including a local landscaping project, creating a dedicated ambulance drop off / pick up point outside a local sheltered housing complex, creating a drop off area for the local school and dozens of new car parking spaces.

A public exhibition is being held at Two Mile Ash Community Centre, on the High Street, next to Two Mile Ash Middle School next Thursday 28 January (3.15pm to 7pm), Friday 29 January (3.15pm to 7pm) and Saturday 30 January (9am to 1pm).

The proposals, which would be part funded by MK Council and Bradwell Abbey Parish Council, are:

 Two Mile Ash High Street, between Corn Hill and Clay Hill.
 3 separate options to address parking issues in the street:
i) Full removal of the existing landscaping and the conversion of the existing parallel parking spaces so they're on an angle (at a cost of approximately £400,000).  The number of available parking spaces will increase from 34 to approximately 54.
ii) Conversion of the existing parking spaces so they're on an angle, but retaining a large portion of the existing landscaping (at a cost of approximately £210,000).
iii) Full retention of the existing central parallel parking.  Removal of all existing trees in the verge to create 10 new parallel parking spaces (at a cost of approximately £10,000) 

 The introduction of a dedicated Ambulance bay and up to 3 new parking spaces in the verge outside Radcote Lodge (an existing sheltered housing development) (at a cost of approximately £30,000)

 The retention of the existing parking spaces to the sides and the front of the existing One Stop Shop but the introduction of a  Limited Waiting restriction to facilitate more and better use of the spaces for shoppers.

Two Mile Ash High Street, between Clay Hill and Church Hill.
 The removal of all the existing trees to the parking bays to the front of Two Mile Ash Middle School and the alteration of the same bays to allow vehicles to park right to the front of them.  This creates a portion of off-road parking parallel to the kerb, behind the cars in the bays, that can be used as an informal “kiss and drop” facility for drivers who wish to access the school whilst dropping off or picking up children during the morning and evening rush hour periods (at a cost of approximately £36,200).

 The trees thus removed will be replaced within the existing landscaping to the front of the school.

 The introduction of a proposed single yellow line (No Waiting, Monday to Friday, 8am to 9am and 3pm to 4pm) within the carriageway opposite the existing bus stop outside 101 to 107 High Street.  This restriction is designed to stop vehicles from parking opposite the existing bus stop during the morning and evening school rush hour.  This will serve to address existing problems of congestion caused in High Street when buses access the bus stop by stopping in the road whilst drivers waiting for or dropping off children have parked opposite.
Clay Hill, between High Street and Shorham Rise
 The introduction of parking bays, parallel to the kerb, for the full length of the street on the eastern (odd number) side of the road, whilst still retaining the existing bus stops.

 The introduction of double yellow lines to the western (even number) side of the road opposite the new parking bays to stop potential congestion caused by vehicles parking on both sides of the road.

 The movement of the existing bus stop currently sited to the side of Two Mile Ash Middle School.  The bus stop will be moved nearer towards the junction with High Street to improve sight lines for both drivers and pedestrians using the street.  The existing parking spaces thus removed will be re-positioned behind the new bus stop location.  This option will cost approximately £6,500.  

The consultation period ends on February 15th, after which the proposals will be evaluated in light of the public comments received and a preferred option will emerge for each site. 

This will then be passed back to both the Parish Council and the relevant Milton Keynes councillors, to enable them to indicate a way forward.

Information regarding both the exhibition and the various proposals is also available upon both the MKC website and that run by Two Mile Ash Middle School. 

To comment, you can visit the exhibition, phone: 01908 254125, email:  or click here