Warning Over Dodgy Vodka On Sale

13 December 2011, 06:00

Illegal so called 'Drop Vodka', which could be damaging to health has been discovered on sale in Milton Keynes.

It's been found at shops across England including in the town, where two bottles were spotted for sale.

The council's Trading Standards team have tested what's in it and found that it contains higher than permitted levels of Isopropanol, which is a chemical found in things like de-icer and cleaning products. 

Heart's been told that the levels of this chemical discovered aren't harmful but that if it was consumed in large quantities it could be damaging to your health. 

It's also been found that it doesn't contain enough alcohol to be called vodka. By law, the alcohol content of vodka should be no less than 37.5%, but this only has 28.6% in it and is much less than it states on the bottle.

The bottles themselves are also counterfeit and have on them a UK Duty Stamp, which Trading Standards have said is fake. 

It's currently unknown where it's been made but it's thought that it's likely that it's being mass produced. 

Anyone who spots this type of vodka for sale is asked to contact their local Trading Standards team to report it.