Warning Over Domestic Abuse

Safety Groups in Milton Keynes are worried that the number of cases could go up during the World Cup.

Safer MK say increased drinking during the tournament could mean more incidents of domestic abuse in the new city.

During the last World Cup there were 146 cases in Milton Keynes - more than the same period the year before or the year after.

Caroline Knowles is a Domestic and Sexual Violence Reduction co-ordinator, she told Heart people at risk may spot danger signals "they'll know the signs, what to look out for, they'll know exactly what triggers the behaviour within their partners.  I'd imagine it'll be a very anxious and frustrating time for them"

Alcohol Concern say they're also concerned about the impact of the tournament - according to their research, nationally, the number of cases of domestic abuse can jump by upto 40 percent during major sports tournaments.