A Bit Of A Crush, Actually

Something strange has happened to me because normally, I don't fancy celebrities. After a long and very one sided relationship with my Rick Astley poster when I was 8, I realised you don't get much back! So, when my friends were all screaming at Take That the first time around, I was happily eyeing up more attainable targets at school (and lets face it, I wasn't too successful there either!).

Recently though, this has changed and it's all down to one man.......Mr Michael Buble! And it's all happened so fast!!

Last week, happily humming along to MB in the studio just appreciating his obvious vocal talents. Sunday night, me and boyfriend Simon on the sofa happily munching pie and watching X factor, when wham! It hits me.

The Buble's going for it with Cry me a River and doing that thing where he sings sideways into the microphone and suddenly a strange feeling is creeping over me. No surely not. Really?! Yes it is! A bit of a crush actually! And it seems to get worse every time I see him on TV too.  I know I'm not alone in this because Vicki from news is the same! I swear the man has some sort of Derrin Brown like mind control over women when he gazes out of the screen! I have never felt the urge to chuck knickers at a male celeb but I'd definately throw my Bridget's at Micheal Buble! Fortunately, so far I've not gone as far as jealously googling to see if he has a girlfriend (I caught Vicki doing that earlier!), but it's only a matter of time and I'm rapidly convincing myself that he still hasn't met me yet!! (groan)