Harding Envy

Yay to booking a holiday! Eek to wearing a bikini! Why does all the fat go on my bum first and comes off it last? Gonna look like a weeble!

Have you seen those pictures of Sarah Harding skipping merrily along a beach in her bikini? She looks like she’s not got a care in the world and to be fair I wouldn’t either if I looked that good in swimwear!

Sadly I don’t which is a shame as me and my partner, Si have decided we’ve had enough cold weather so we’re booking a holiday somewhere hot!

"Yay" to having something to look forward to... but "boo" to exposing my chubby English thighs!

Am currently living on cut up bits of cucumber in the hope I’ll turn into Ms Harding overnight – oh year and practically killing myself at circuits! Why is it though when I put on weight it all goes on my bum but it always comes off my arms and chest first? At this rate I’m gonna look like a weeble!

Still, possibly I won't care much when I’m lying on the beach and helping myself to the all inclusive buffet! Then I’ll have to start it all again when I get back!

Do you diet before your hols or not bother?